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From the s business and the customer has conduct the new way of trade business which is called e- commerce. Customers should be guided from first step to next step of buying process. The government has introduced new legislations so that e-business is fair for all those that are involved. Premium Amazon Kindle, Amazon. Education will help a person grow as an individual because a highly knowledgeable person will have a better grip on handling any problem that comes his or her way Many customers and the organizations are trying to get maximum profit from the e- commerce Laudon and traver, The data for doing this will be obtained for the questionnaire which is filled by the participants. E- Commerce helps the small companies to compete with large companies. Product and services offered for sale in the k-economy usually find venues in the e-stores. It basically protects the investments made to develop new technology. Most times IBM has first launched e-business in October,

At the beginning, it is important to state that the Internet gives a lot of new opportunities for modern companies to extend their activities and to increase their profits.

Of these million users, roughly 40 percent reside in the United States Styliano, A. Customer Enhancement denotes the activity retaining the existing customers as well as gaining prospect customers of products. Many organizations are using the internet to buy parts and supplies from other organizations, and to do work in partnership on sales and promotions and to do research jointly.

The company employs 2. Muslim women accept only Allah as their master, and do not therefore consider themselves to be inferior to a husband. Electronic marketing and bidding on the internet and search on the internet has modernized Business, increasing business activities, increasing the competition, provide better customer service and provide at a cheaper cost.

Probability Sample: This is when every person from the population is considered and chosen for the sample.

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The implementation of e- commerce in smes is successful, potential benefits to smes and increase profits, productivity is increased, quality of serve is increased.

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