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Ty laughed.

The hand that just left her cheek came to rest like a sunbeam on her arm. I like to hike. To do so would be unforgivably rude—a clumsy misstep in the intricate social dance they all performed to perfection. A- book- ill- never- write. We were goddesses and soothsayers and healers, with the secrets of the universe in our minds and the gift of life in our bodies. We write of emotions felt but not usually said, of silent tears and hidden. And waited. I tried it. At her knee Julianna had learned about the world, about people; there and there alone she was encouraged to think for herself and to say whatever she thought, no matter how absurd or outrageous it might seem. I will never, ever change the point -of-view of a book after writing sixty thousand words of it in one point-of-view.

She was beginning to feel like any relationship with him was a lost cause. It is just like her to hide in the bushes at a time like this. Trying to divert herself, Julianna lifted the glass to her nose and sniffed, then she shuddered a little at the strong aroma.

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See more ideas about Thinking about you, Beautiful Words and Thoughts. The moon slid out from behind the clouds, and Julianna stared at the pale liquid in her glass.

If you had been born much sooner, we would have been bosom friends.

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From my tumblr blog: cynthiatingo. I was feeling like a fool because here I was, again, offering my heart to someone else for safekeeping. Excerpt from a book I' ll never write. I only hope you will not decide to waste your mind and your talents on some ignorant fellow who wants you for that face of yours and tries to convince you that your only value is in breeding his children and looking after his wants.

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Excerpts From A Book I'll Never Write