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The ignited pyrotechnics provided intense heat that was enough to ignite polyurethane soundproofing foam, which was the main component of walls and ceiling just adjacent to stage.

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Following the massive number of victims from this incidence, the State of Rhode Island also acted swiftly to re-evaluate its own building and fire codes. The ignition of the polyurethane foam built up enough heat to ignite the wooden panels above the stage spreading the fire throughout the building. The study conducted by NIST found that the right leaf of front exit door did not have panic hardware. It has been calculated that the number of occupants at the Station Nightclub was around people, obviously well over this limit. The approaches to a fire station are often posted with warning signs, and there may be a traffic signal to stop or warn traffic when apparatus are leaving or returning to the station. The rate of fire spread was accelerated due to the fact that the structure was a single story wooden building approximately 4, square feet. Structural Requirement Changes due to the Fire The magnitude of the fire that gutted down the Station Nightclub invoked swift response from government and non-governmental agencies including code developing bodies. It was easily ignited and also contributed to a faster fire spread within the building. As a kid, I remember running after fire trucks every time I heard the distinctive sound of their roaring sirens. As soon as the fire fighters knew they would have difficulty gaining access to the interior of the aircraft then they should have immediately gone to the SPAAT. What were the pre-fire conditions of the building housing The Station Nightclub? Before I started reading this book I was intrigued because the main events in this story are in the 21st century. I was mesmerized by firefighters and tried to watch as many firefighter related movies as possible. Other fire stations are named based on the district, neighborhood, town or village where they are located, or given a number.

The story is told using flashbacks and analysis in each chapter of the book. Initially, people inside the hall thought that the flames resulting from gerb sparks were part of the display, but later realized that that the situation was growing out of control.

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There were four exits. She decided to get her best friends help, Dylan Houn.

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This implies that the occupancy or the building exceeded the regulatory requirements since the floor area was smaller relative to the number of patrons inside the club. The book goes in detail about the history of the Station, what was the cause of the fire, how people escaped the fire and the. There are numerous building and fire codes that would have reduced the number of fatalities could they have been implemented. Facilities[ edit ] American MUTCD sign W warning of a fire station A fire station will at a minimum have a garage for housing at least one fire engine. The city played a key role in the design process by contributing the local code requirements and overseeing that the fire station complied with its standards. One hundred people lost their lives that day. On the other hand, the NFPA limits assembly occupancy load greater than and less than individuals to 5, ft2 and one story. All of the windows had security bars on them this could be an issue! Fire Station is buzzing with life; everything is in calm and peaceful; when suddenly a loud screaming sound rings through the brick walls.

The equipment used in early modern times and ancient Rome was very basic. It was easily ignited and also contributed to a faster fire spread within the building.

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On the fateful night, the Great White band was in attendance and was warming up for a live performance. The other exit points were either concealed or victims were not aware of their existence.

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